How to choose a venue?!

Seriously this can be incredibly stressful. You may have a dream venue and it's not available and you have to find something new. You may want a venue you can bring in your own items or catering. You may need a venue that is wheelchair friendly for your grandparents.

If you live in Columbus and need a place to start this blog post is for YOU. I list my top wedding venues in the area (these are ones I have photographed at and loved and want to go back to) and the pros to holding your wedding there.

Note: I am not getting paid for these tips. Just true, honest help .

The Kitchen

A classic industrial venue

Honestly there are a lot of industrial style venues out there, its become somewhat of a trend. Personally I think the Kitchen REALLY stands out.


AMAZING food made in house

Super helpful coordinators

Beautiful old school space with big windows


Camp Mary Orten

An affordable and beautiful space

This is one of my favorite places to photograph at for the cool, laid back wedding. It vibes well with a couple who is woodsy but can't have a full outdoor wedding. The indoor space is lovely and always photographs well and there are multiple areas to have your ceremony.


Very affordable (particularly on a Sunday!)

Multiple lovely spaces

Beautiful in winter and summer

You can bring in anything you like! No restrictions on that.

Jorgensen Farms and Oak grove

Historic barn beauty and greenhouse glamour

I've photographed here in 4 different seasons and I can tell you it is AMAZING no matter what. Few weddings I do runs as smoothly as a wedding at this location.


The staff is incredibly helpful and amazing

The in house florist is phenomonal

Their catering is delicious

You don't have to worry about a thing

Franklin Park Conservatory

If you have ever wanted to get married in a tropical paradise but don't want a destination wedding -then this is the place for you. OH MY GOSH. It's amazing, there is literally nothing bad I can say about this place. Its clean and modern but not bare of personality. The beautiful building, the Palm room where the ceremony is and complete freedom to photograph anywhere in the conservatory.


Almost no decorations are needed

Your guests receive access to one of the most beautiful places in Columbus

You can bring in other catering as well as your own DJ

Beverly Mansion

A local Fairytale

If you've ever wanted a fairytale wedding I think this is one of the best places. It has a soft old world feel that makes you and your guests feel so welcome. And check out those flowers in spring!!


You can bring in your own catering

The get ready rooms are spacious and wonderful

Beautiful multiple ceremony options with a good rain option as well

Lots of space for your guest to roam and enjoy themselves

Columbus Museum of Art

High end glamour

What could be better than getting married in an art museum? And the CMA has so much to offer. From the amazing gardens to the skylight ceremony room. Combine architecture and greenery in this beautiful venue.


Amazing staff

Beautiful stunning venue (pretty much every part is designed for photos)

Rain or shine ceremony room

Fun Alternatives

Anywhere and everywhere!

Some of my favorite venues have been creative alternatives. Peoples backyards, in the middle of the woods, aribnbs and so much more.


Full control over planning

Less decorations if you choose an outdoor venue

Laid back and maybe more you

Everal Barn and Homestead

In the country

But actually...not in the country! This beautiful venue is in the heart Westerville, hidden away from view. It's so lovely, you don't have to go anywhere else for photos if you don't want to. Multiple historical buildings, a gorgeous farmhouse with huge windows and a barn that gives you just enough of a rustic feel.


Easy to decorate such a lovely place

Great areas to get ready in

You can bring in alot of your own stuff

Easy parking

Wheel chair accessible (elevator included!)