Tough choices

It's SO hard choosing the right florals for your wedding.

Honestly if you have the budget I HIGHLY recommend hiring a florist for full design of your wedding florals. This means they would be designing everything from bouquets to centerpieces to a seriously incredible floral arch. Its stress free and they take care of everything.

However if you don't have that budget and know you at least want some beautiful florals for your bouquets and maybe some for centerpieces then just go with that!

Either way you need some recommendations. So let me ease you into this with my top 4 florists and ideas that will get you started (I will probably do a part two in a month!)

#1 Etsy florals

Simple, easy and gorgeous

If you are doing fake or dried florals, ETSY IS AMAZING! Seriously, look at some of the blooms and bouquets below and tell me you can't picture yourself carrying them down the aisle.

Some will even allow you to pick the exact florals you want and design your own bouquet. But with the remade designs you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

#2 Bluegreen Gardens

Whimsical designs

I want them to design florals for my house! Seriously! I feel such whimsy and romance with their blooms and they are beyond beautiful. Small business, family owned and oh so lovely.

Here is where you can find out more about them!

#3 Maggieberrimakes

Color color color!

I love this ladies craving for color. She and I have actually discussed how we will be happy when green and white only trend in wedding bouquets goes a little more out of style (if this is your ideal for you wedding no problem! Right now it is EVERYWHERE and sometimes it's nice to see something different). Book this lady and get the most amazing sprays of color all over your wedding.

#4 House of Flowers Columbus

Laid back style

Lindsey's designs have a laid back, beautiful style all their own. They never look overdone but somehow are perfect for the occasion at the same time. They stand out but don't overwhelm. I would love to sit in a garden of her designs.

You can find her through her Instagram House_of_flowers_columbus OR if you want to contact her then sent her a message at