$5200 +

2 photographers
8 hours
2 rolls of film
600 + edited wedding photos
8X8 album



A newborn, motherhood, maternity or family session we will create together.

Whether its a mini session, a natural light studio, a relaxed in home session we will find your fit.


Our Process


Let's Meet

I enjoy truly connecting and building a relationship with my couples. I like to begin that journey with a chat on the phone, a video call or a meetup for coffee (tea for me!).


Let's Talk

Once we have a chance to connect I will put together a proposal for you, completely custom to your needs and your wedding day.


Let's Create

After we are booked, I am here for you! Please ask any questions you like, we will figure out the details and make your wedding day amazing!

FAQ: all your questions answered!

Why does photography cost so much?

Well first of all, it doesn't actually! If you are booking for your wedding then the photography is usually quite a bit less expensive than your venue or your caterer and it lasts way longer.

But besides that here are some things to consider about wedding photography costs.

It is not just the 6-9 hours they are at your wedding. It’s the hours they spend getting ready for the day and the hours spent offloading thousands of photos and saving them after. A 6 hour wedding day is really an 8 hour day for a photographer.

We have a lot of gear specialized to capture your wedding perfectly. Cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries, chargers, high performance sd cards, items for carrying equipment like straps and backpacks (enable us to run to capture photos on your wedding day), high speed computers and editing software etc
All worth over $10,000.

We also have consistent marketing tools to keep up with. Websites, Instagram, Google profiles, wedding website profiles, Canva, SCRL, link free and so much more! And most of these cost money.

Also it takes hours and hours (at least 10 and probably closer to 20 hours) to edit a wedding. That doesn’t include the hours spent on album making, gift boxing, and packaging.

Finally if you hire a photographer (like me) who is truly experienced you are paying for the 8+ years I have learning this craft. This goes beyond just cameras and photography, this includes the thousands of hours I have research the wedding industry and trends. I know what works for a wedding and what doesn’t work, I know the best places to get married and the best caterer to fit your need…I know it all. And that knowledge is wrapped up in that final price.

When will we get our wedding photos?

I will send you a sneak peak within a few days of your wedding. A highlights online album will follow two weeks after your wedding and the final product will be ready within 6 weeks.

Where are you based and do you travel?

Based in Columbus, I travel all over Ohio and beyond!

How many weddings do you do a year?

I take only 15 weddings per year, I spend the rest of the weekends with my husband and our two kids.